Why Luton is one of the best UK property investment hot spots.

Why Luton is one of the best UK property investment hot spots.

Luton is a town 30 miles north of London and is just 25 minutes away by train from the capital. A Quarterly buy-to-let index report produced by LanInvest has ranked Luton as the number one location for buy-to-let returns. There are a lot of positives going on for Luton at the moment and many investors and renters are eyeing the city.

Let’s look at some of the factors that make Luton such an attractive location for great investment opportunities.

Excellent transport links

With excellent transport links, it takes just about 25 minutes to get into St Pancras in London by train from Luton. Luton also houses the London Luton airport, the 5th largest airport in the UK, with connections to most European top destinations. Investors and renters alike find the accessibility that Luton offers very attractive.


Unlike other towns surrounding London and unlike London itself, house prices are much lower, at about 50% lower than London house prices.

According to Zoopla, the average home price in London is £500,000, while a house in Luton costs on average around £250, 000. With Luton’s close proximity and connectivity to London, property affordability remains the key attraction  factor for buy-to-let investors.

Increased demand for rental properties

Due to subdued rental prices as compared to London, Luton is increasingly being preferred by London workers seeking alternative cheaper accommodation within commutable distance. According to a report by Savills, the number of people who lived in private accommodation in Luton between 2001 and 2011 increased by 95%. Buy-to-let investors benefit from any property market with a high appetite for rental properties and Luton ticks the box.

Growth opportunities

The city is underdeveloped, giving room for further improvements. Luton is currently going through a phase of regeneration offering many exciting opportunities for property investors. With a lot of developments and regeneration going on, the town is increasingly becoming popular with renters and investors. For renters, there are prospects of greater capital appreciation and availability of more property stocks. For renters, the developments will upgrade infrastructure ideal for excellent local shopping and entertainment.

Luton is absolutely a property investment hot spot offering strong capital growth opportunities and high returns for property investors.

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