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Are you planning on selling your investment property? Search no more. With Yieldfast, you can sell your investment property, in any condition, risk-free, in just 7 days or 28 days for its full market value.

Sell a property in any condition. Sell tenanted or vacant. Receive pre-agreed figures in pre-agreed time.


It takes about 60 days to sell a property and 90 days to complete. The expected time taken to complete the process is therefore about 150 days. This means 150 days of paying property overheads and expenses, without the rental income, to offset those costs.

We partnered with a partner who on average takes only 28 days to sell and 56 to complete, and uniquely is able to manage vacant possession or sell properties with tenants in place. Therefore there is a very reduced number of days where the property is vacant and not generating income.

Our partners, therefore, ensure a faster and more secure way to sell within pre-agreed timescales and prices.


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Selling your investment property