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We specialise in sourcing and securing below market value and off-market UK property investment opportunities for UK and global investors. We focus only on opportunities offering high return on investment and high rental yields…

Yieldfast Property Investments

Customised VIP Sourcing

Sourced according to your requirements

At Yieldfast, we understand that that each investor is unique. We therefore provide a completely customised property sourcing service tailored to individual requirements. The properties are exclusively sourced for you and not shared in our deal alerts emails. Throughout the property buying process, we will be as involved as you require us to be.

Property Deal Alerts

Get free property deals in your inbox every Wednesday

It's an easy and hassle free way to find your perfect investment property. Get the best property deal alerts delivered to your inbox every week - below market value, off market and high yielding properties.
If you find a property that you are interested in, simply follow the instructions that come with each deal alert, and … get your perfect investment property the easy way!
Yieldfast Property Investment opportunities.
Yieldfast Property Management

Portfolio Growth Strategies

Planning For Success

We help to formulate a property acquisition strategy that helps to optimise your portfolio growth, return on investment and yields. We then systematically execute the strategy and make periodical reviews accompanied by reports to help in making informed investment decisions.

Check and Report

Pre-purchase assessments

Found a property you are interested in and want an expert opinion on it? Whether found on the internet or from anywhere else...

We will prepare a report to help you make an informed pre-purchase decision about your desired property. The report covers among other things, house prices and a comparison of rental demand and yields, property sales history, crime insights, further development plans, transport links and much more. The report will also cover calculations of your return on investment and yields on the property in question.

Yieldfast Property Investmenst
Yieldfast Property Portfolio Building Services

Post Purchase Services

Refurbishment project management & property management

Refurbishments and property management can be hard work and time consuming too. We work with a network of architects, planners, interior designers and tradesman to help transform your property into a desirable living space with a potential to attract higher yields. We work with and instruct letting agents to get and carry out tenant references for your property. We also liaise for property repairs, regular inspections, key holding, and communication with tenants on your behalf.

Non-Resident Investor Services

Navigate complicated processes with less hassle

We offer a comprehensive service and help UK foreigners and non-residents to source, secure and build profitable UK property investment portfolios. The process of investing in the UK as a foreigner or UK non-resident may be daunting and complicated, limiting your potential to maximise investment opportunities. We have designed our service in such a way that every nitty-gritty element of the process is taken care of in your absence, and done as if you were on the ground. We do it with expertise and integrity.
Yieldfast Property Management

Why Investors
Choose Us

We make the property investment journey as smooth sailing as possible.
We go the extra mile and introduce you to hand-picked service providers including solicitors, bank managers, mortgage brokers, fund managers, contractors and estate agents.

Faster portfolio growth

We focus on sourcing deals that match your strategy, therefore accelerating your portfolio growth.

Buy With Confidence

Every property goes through a rigorous due diligence process, resulting in the best possible property deals.

Save time and money

Finding great deals, house viewings and negotiations can be hard and time consuming. We do all this for you, so you won’t have to.

Hands-off rental yields

We help to decorate, furnish and transform your secured property into a desirable rental space, ready for tenants occupation.