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We offer a variety of property services and each price relates to the type of service offered.

Yieldfast Property Investments

Weekly Deal Alerts: Free

Our weekly deal alerts are sent to you free of charge.

Fees for the deals delivered: Varied

There is however a fee to be paid when you want to invest in any of the properties in the deal alert emails. Prices vary from deal to deal. A fixed price of how much each deal costs is included in the deal alert emails. The price is not dependant on the purchase price, helping you to effectively budget in advance.

Customised VIP Sourcing: fixed custom fee

Fees for a single service or a combination of services in our Customised VIP Sourcing are agreed in advance with each client. This will be based on expected extend of work and resources needed to accomplish the requested services. The fees are fixed and not  depended on the purchase price, helping you to effectively budget your total investment costs in advance.

Check and Report: £250

With our Check and Report service, we do pre-purchase assessments of properties that you find from anywhere for a fee of £250. This is paid in advance before work starts. We offer this service for residential properties only.